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School Uniform

In 2019 TIS Student Leaders reviewed their school uniform and agreed that change was needed. The result was a move from the traditional gender bias uniform to a unisex style. 

The current school uniform began to be rolled out in 2021. We have a variety of pieces for students to select from.



Once ordered through the uniformhub site, delivery will be made to the school office for your collection.


Laybuy and Afterpay system and WINZ quotes are available on request.

It is expected that school uniform be worn correctly and with pride

  1. Any student who has a piece of their uniform missing should carry a note of explanation, signed by their parent/caregiver.

  2. Students should not wear a combination of PE or school uniform. It’s either one or the other.

  3. PE shorts may be black sport shorts. No logos.

  4. Defacing of any garment or property is not permitted.

  5. Naming of any garment is a pre-requisite and could be checked periodically by the staff.

  6. Lost Property: This is kept in a container in the Sickbay. (Please ask the Administration Team if you are unsure where this is).

  7. TIS hats are a compulsory item in Term 1 and Term 4. They must not be worn during class time.

  8. Jewellery - nothing eye-catching or unsafe. Taonga, crosses etc may be worn. Items may need to be taken off during sport if it may cause injury. Medic Alert bracelets/medallions for those who need them should be worn and visible.

  9. Plain black shoes (no slip-ons) can be worn through all seasons.

  10. Plain black sandals (with a back strap) can be worn through all seasons. Not scuffs, slides or jandals.

  11. Socks can be white or black. Styles permitted are crew, knee-high or anklet. Socks must be able to be seen (e.g. no-show socks are not permitted). Correct colours only and no logos.

  12. Students need to wear the correct uniform to and from school. 

  13. Students can wear a long sleeve black thermal under their uniform top for extra warmth.

  14. All items are unisex and can be worn as summer and winter uniform so can be worn at anytime during the school year. The aim of this policy is to allow students to wear their uniform to suit their needs and the weather conditions - it is also a cost saving method for families.

Sports & PE Uniform

Black sports shorts with no logos and Whare colour t-shirt. Whare t-shirts are to be plain coloured with no logos or branding.


Whare colour PE shirts are as follows:

  • Tika - Room's 5, 7 & 8 (Gold)

  • Manaaki - Room's 2 & 4 (Green)

  • Hōnore - Room's 17, 18 & 19 (Red)

  • Pono - Room's 9 & 10 (Blue)


Please confirm Whare colour prior to purchase

Casual Clothes Days

At various times throughout the year students may be given the option to dress in casual street clothes for the following reasons:

  1. As a means, usually at the request of the school’s Student Leaders, for raising funds. 

  2. Field Trips: There may be a time that casual clothes are better for a particular trip e.g. bush trip.


  • An amount is payable for all students who wish to take advantage of casual clothes day.

  • All clothing to be clean, tidy and in good repair, practical for school purposes.

  • Footwear is a must.

  • Make-up is not to be worn. Jewellery must adhere to the school policy

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