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Dear Parents/Caregivers

Firstly, I would like to thank you for adhering to our bubble
restrictions and choosing not to come onto the school site. 
It has made our job so much easier as we don't have to
follow you around asking for your details.

Secondly, we have been impressed with how organized the students are with bringing their drink bottles, leaving the school through the right gate.  

We have 82% of the school returned.  We totally
understand that some of you have valid reasons for
keeping your child/ren home.  We just want to let you know
that sending your child back to school is a great option, as
we can ensure you, our bubble is safe and secure.  We
have no people coming on site unless they are required,
such as health workers, support personnel or
cataract workers that work in the areas away from the
students.  We are really strict about the use of cleaning
products and hand sanitisers.  All the students are
constantly reminded of the need for social distancing
especially avoiding the moist air zone.  So we ask that you
really consider sending your child back to school if you
haven't already.

Suzanne Mariassoucé, Principal


More important information can be found in the Covid-19 tab.