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Whanaungatanga | Manaakitanga | Rangatiratanga | Kotahitanga
Naku te rourou nau te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi
With your basket and my basket, the people will live

Tokoroa Intermediate is a member of the Tokoroa Kahui Ako. Staff work together with other educational groups to collaborate to not only better our kura but enhance our local commuity. The Kahui Ako works closely with Raukawa Trust Board to ensure that local tikanga and te reo māori are being taught. This will see a greater understanding of our local history.

To find more information about the Tokoroa Kāhui Ako, you can click into the above link directly to their website.

Other Educational Institutes involved:

  • Central Kids Early Education

  • Amisfield School

  • Mangakino School

  • Tokoroa Central School

  • Tainui Full Primary School

  • Strathmore School

  • Te Ara Metua Punanga Reo Kuri Airani

  • Forest View High School

  • Tokoroa North School

What is Tokoroa Kāhui Ako?

Extract from the Tokoroa Kahui Ako website

Schools focus on going from a competitive organisation to a collaborative organisation. For our Tokoroa Kāhui Ako this journey has been incredible, it is about all our tamariki and together we are striving to make a difference and create an education pathway that will be beneficial for Tokoroa students. We are now working collaboratively alongside other teachers in schools, ECEs, Kindergarten, Kohanga Reo & Punanga.

It’s an amazing feeling to know that we are no longer working in isolation but working together to grow each other to build.

What is the Purpose?

Our main value for the Kāhui Ako is Mahi Ngātahi which brings about collaboration, collective responsibility, accountability and commitment to support and care for each other as we work through our Kāhui Ako journey. 

What do we value?

Kāhui Ako Competencies

These competencies describe the related behaviours as educators we will possess



Speaks about relationships, connections and a sense of belonging. Relationships are developed through shared experiences and working together. Making decisions for the collective good of all the community


Showing integrity, sincerity and respect. Embodies a type of caring that is reciprocal and unqualified. It's an ethos of care

Refers to becoming an effective and competent teacher. Developing skills and gaining knowledge. Teachers with mana (integrity and dignity) poses a demeanour of dignity and respect and recognise and develop the mana of the child. Mana enhancing. It’s also about acknowledging and becoming independent in one's own learning.

Refers to unity and bonding, where a sense of unity and inclusiveness is created within the classroom and school by recognising everyone's mana.​​

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