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PB4L School-Wide

Positive Behaviour 4 Learning

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What is PB4L?

TIS PB4L Rewards

PB4L-School-Wide is made up of practices and systems that help schools create positive learning and teaching environments.  Based on international evidence, it looks at behavior and learning from a whole-of-school as well as an individual child perspective.

School-Wide takes the approach that opportunities for learning and achievement increase if:

  •  The  school environment is positive and supportive.

  •  Expectations are consistently clear

  •  Students are taught desired behaviours

  •  Students are consistently acknowledged for desired behaviours

  • Students are responded to fairly and equitably.

How will this assist my child and this school?

PB4L Promotes positive student behaviours by building student leadership, teacher’s knowledge, understanding and skills in applying effective school –wide behavior systems.

PB4L boosts student engagement in learning through improvement in student behavior.

PB4L  Helps the school to deliver the highest quality learning programmes to improve student academic and behavioural learning.

PB4L enables the staff to plan and solve problems together.

PB4L offers external coaching for the school coach to build school capacity and providing consistent support across the school.

Students receive TIS Awards (often referred to as WHARE awards) on a regular basis for Positive Behaviour. These can be achieved across all areas of the kura, including playground, sportsfield, classroom, assemblies, etc.


Students keep a record of their awards in their personal CV and achieve different coloured badges depending on their success.  


Currently students can earn Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.


TIS Bronze Badge


TIS Silver Badge


Students on receipt of 50 Awards receive a Bronze Badge.

Students on receipt of 100 Awards receive a Silver Badge.

Students on receipt of 150 Awards receive a Gold Badge.

TIS Gold Badge

There are many ways that we acknowledge and reward students following the school-wide behavioral expectations.  Many teachers have their own classroom reward systems to recognize effort and achievement throughout the year. 


Achievement Awards are given out at assembly each week alongside certificates for achievement in sports.


Each term a number of students receive Principal’s and Deputy Principal’s Awards.

Other Incentives
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