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Student Voice

Hearing about events through students eyes


WIMS Art Day

On the 1st of June, 8 students travelled to W.I.M.S Art day at Hamilton Junior High in the school van. There were 6 different stations that we were randomly assigned to, for the day. Each station had a different type of art technique workshop.


No. 1 was Mixed Media, including using ink, decoupage and pen. No. 2 was Quilling and Scrapbooking. No. 3 was Mosaic Tiling. No. 4 was Acrylic Painting. No. 5 was Flower Press Art and Fine Tip Pen Sketching, and No. 6 was printmaking, with a special tutor, Mrs Rana Goosens who used to teach Art here at Tokoroa Intermediate before Mrs Anderson. I was in station No 5.


The 8 students that were part of our art team were Lydia and Xanthe Rm 17, Temali, and Riley, Rm 10, Phoenix and Jonathan Rm 18 And Stella and Leah Rm 5. Students were chosen because they are passionate about art and also excel in visual arts.


We all had a great day, part of it was difficult, trying new art methods that we had never explored before. My favourite part of the day was at the end, when our group got to show our work to the others and see what others had done throughout the day. One piece of advice that I will always remember is to “Trust The Process”.


Special thanks to Mrs Anderson for driving us to and from Hamilton and for taking care of us for the day. Thank you.


By Leah Luatua

EPro8 - Engineer, Problem Solve, Innovate

Last week each whare had a day to construct an EPro8 challenge. We had to work in teams of 4 with a low amount of equipment. Mrs Stephenson gave us EPro8 challenge cards that we had to read really, really carefully. We had 3 challenges to achieve which were:

     1. Learning how to use the equipment

     2. Waterproof and tornado proof hut,

And last but not least was a dump truck with a bed that could tip shredded paper from the top. We had to follow the criteria and couldn't move on to the next criteria until the first was complete, and once we thought we had achieved that criteria we had to put our hands up to signal Mrs Stephenson.

On the 17th of May we competed at Hilltop School in Taupo. There was so much more equipment than we had started with so before we could start building we got a demonstration of how the new equipment worked. We had 1 minute to choose from 4 different challenges which were:
     1. ACar wash

     2. A Grandfather clock

     3. A Rat wheel, and the last challenge we could choose from was

     4. The Thunderstorm.

The most common Challenge chosen was the Grandfather clock, We had 2 and a half hours to complete our challenge, But there was a twist. At any time we could pull apart our construction and start making another one of the challenges. We could also get bonus points for keeping our assigned area tidy. Something we learned that night was the Importance of reading. Another thing we learned was how to use the new equipment, such as the electronic sets and the extremely hot rope cutter. 


Written By, Rylee Groen-Taylor-Rm 19 and Leah Luatua-Rm 5

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