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Message from the Principal

                               Kia ora, Kia orana, Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Greetings 

                              Intermediate school is an important stage of education focusing on the                                 specific needs of 10 - 13 year old students. Programmes and teaching                               strategies are specially tailored to cater for the academic, social and physical development of emerging adolescents. I am committed to helping each and every one of you to have a positive, empowering experience during your time at Tokoroa Intermediate School. 

We are a PB4L schol - Positive Behaviour for Learning. We have developed a matrix of expectations which is taught across the school to get consistency in every understanding. We are also a Cool School - where we will be supporting peer mediation.

We are proud to be part of the Tokoroa Kahui Ako - Community of Schools - Te Puāwaitanga o te Māhuri Tõtara.

We have introduced the Houses of Principles: Tika, Pono, Hōnore, Maanaki.

The concept of the Houses will promote teamwork, enabling a sense of belonging. The school has a proud history, and we intend to create more history with this change.

It is our endeavor at Tokoroa Intermediate, to ensure to the best of our ability, that all students are making good progress in all curriculum areas. While we focus on achievement across the curriculum we are also very aware of the holistic child and their needs. We have a strong learning support team that works collaboratively to ensure the best for all students' needs.

The school takes pride in promoting academic achievement. We also believe that it is important for students to be given opportunities to experience and excel in sporting, cultural and leadership activities. We encourage all students to make the most of the opportunities that the Intermediate provides in these areas.

If young people are to achieve their potential it is essential that they are supported from from the home - it is a shared responsibility between the child, the home and the school. Please feel free to make the time to discuss this with staff to ensure we are working together as a partnership to achieve the best for your child. We found in our survey from parents that during the Covid lockdown parents had the time to be involved more closely with their child and their learning. We encourage this to continue as best as they can because the child also benefited considerably from this involvement. The best way to keep in touch with the teacher is by email.

When students move on from Tokoroa Intermediate we expect that they will have:

• Acquired the academic skills, knowledge and attitude to succeed in their secondary schooling. 

• Become self-motivated to achieve to the best of their ability. 

• Developed the social skills to interact successfully with all groups in the community. 

• The confidence and self-esteem to make the most of their personal attributes. 

• Developed pride in the school and their personal achievements. 

• Made the most of the opportunities available to them. 

• Enjoyed a positive, happy, challenging experience. 

Suzanne Mariassoucé, Principal

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We Value...

WHANAUNGATANGA  (Building Relationships)
Inclusive and respectful relationships

HAPORI (Community)
Being active contributors in our community


AKONGA (Learner)
Learning from experiences and each other

Personal responsibility and positive leadership skills

EKE PANUKU (Strive for Excellence)
Striving to achieve our personal bes


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