Tokoroa Intermediate School Newsletter

11 May 2021

Term 2 - No. 1

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

Before the holidays we sent out a link to parents to
complete a survey about your child’s experience at
school. Students have been completing a survey as
well. If you have not taken the survey yet, please
complete it by following this link:

It is anonymous, and we need to get as much whanau
voice as possible to help us with future decision
making. Thank you for supporting your child and our


Suzanne Mariassoucé, Principal

This Is Me Day

This Thursday, 15th April, we are having a ‘Be Yourself
Day”. Students can wear what makes them happy.
Gold coin donation. Profits go to making our school

Bikes and Scooters

Students who come to school on their bike or scooter
need to bring a lock to secure them in the bike shed
and need to wear a helmet to and from school.
We want the children and their property to be safe
and secure. We are checking daily and if students do
not comply with these rules, their bike or scooter will
be confiscated.
Please support us and your child by making sure they
wear their helmet and bring a lock.

TIS Awards

Congratulations to the following students who gained
a TIS Badge as part of the T.I.S. Awards system for
displaying Teamwork, Involvement and/or Standards
in a wide range of activities and settings throughout
the school:

Bronze Award:
Room 2: Sheng Lim
Room 3: Mana Rimamaki
Room 5: Hayz’e Ihimaera, Calem Eyre

Silver Award:
Room 3: Jarreau Moana, Ashton Guitry
Room 8: Azaria Drower

Gold Award:
Room 3: Chacha Nugrahari
Room 5: Mikayla Cortesi

Girls Futsal

On Sunday 18 April our girls team entered the Junior
Girls Futsal competition held at the Tokoroa Events
Centre. The team consisted of Year 7 and 8 girls,
some who are well known to the game and others
who took the court for the first time. The girls played
very well against teams from Rotorua and Hamilton,
Tokoroa and Cambridge.

The goalies Jaycee Harrison and Jorjah Mihaere were
amazing, holding the goals off from fierce
arrivals. Goals were scored by Sophie Williams,
Jaycee Harrison and Chloe Fitzpatrick. Mid fielders
were amazing, defending and keeping the ball alive.
Maia Mihaere, Rahmea Hewett, Chloe Fitzpatrick
gave it their best boot, their passing game was strong.
A special thank you to Janelle Bartie from Tokoroa
High School for being our super sub.
Congratulations to the girls on a great day of futsal,
for positive attitudes and team spirit. We look
forward to seeing their efforts at the Waikato
Competition in Term 2.

A massive thank you to Kim Fraser for organising our girls and to Gareth Williams for his expertise on the day. We appreciate the whanau support also.

07 886 7687

Pink Shirt Day

As part of Bully free week we are holding a Pink Shirt
Day this Friday. Students wearing pink to bring a $2

School Councils

Last term our school councils were announced, so we
interviewed the lead teachers about what each of the
councils are responsible for and what the students

ECO COUNCIL – Mr Olls & Whaea Jayne
What are you going to use funds for from ‘Be Yourself
We would like to put more shaded areas around the
school, such as the court and have an outside area for
eating lunch.
What are your future goals for the council?
That each person is involved. To learn something
from it. To be a better leader in the environment.
What do the students do in the council?
The students take part in various activities like
gardening, recycling, composting and many other

What do the students do in the Sports Council?
Help to organise Friday School Sports, school
Athletics, interclass sports and Cross Country.
Are there any upcoming events for the sports council?
If so, please share with us.
In week 8 we will be having Cross Country in the
Tokoroa Sports Grounds. Maybe we will turn the
Cross Country into a South Waikato championship.
What is the purpose of the Sports Council?
To make students physically active and have fun.
What do you plan to do with the council in the future?
To plan and run sports independently, to control and
have ownership; to give students the opportunity to
have input with sports.

What are your plans for the council?
Our goal is to celebrate key events like Matariki, Cook
Island week. We also have socials, so we would like to
‘pimp’ them up. In addition we want to enhance the
connection between our school and parents. We
want to build a community that celebrates who we
are. At the end of the year we want to create a Year
8 graduation ball/dinner.
What school events do you organise?
We are going to be doing things like the Social or Cook
Island and Maori language. Production is coming up,
so we have a really huge year ahead.
How do you think this council will make a difference?
This is a new council. We have every opportunity to
mark our school.

Photos & Write up:
Rutendo Shadaya & Lissi Sauermann

Be Yourself Day

Last term our school decided to end the term by having a “Be Yourself Day”. It is a day to express yourself with your clothing as long as it is appropriate. Usually you donate a gold coin that goes to charity or to the school funds. We interviewed Mrs Stephenson to find out more about ‘Be Yourself Day’:

How much money did we end up with on Be Yourself Day?

We ended up with $436.20.

A few students noticed some posters, who made them?

The Curriculum/Wellbeing Council

Why did you change Mufti Day to Be Yourself Day?
Because we are trying to be a whole lot more
inclusive and because I read an article about another
school changing the name and the effect on the

What are you going to do with the funds you got from Be Yourself Day?

We are donating the funds to the Eco Council to make our school beautiful.