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15 September 2020

Term 3 - No. 9

Kia Ora Koutou Whanau

This year we are enjoying Te Reo Maori language
week by collapsing our timetable and everyone is
doing a range of activities. Unfortunately we were not
able to go ahead at this stage with our whanau hui or
hangi due to Covid.

Our Kapa haka group are visiting the local schools and
performing. They performed at the rest home
yesterday and brought a smile to everyones’ faces.
Our children are amazing, performing with passion.
You will all get to see them later in term 4. Ask your
child what fun things they are doing for this week.

I just want to remind parents that we have two
uniforms - school uniform and the PE uniform. There
is an expectation that children have their PE Uniform
at PE or sport time and is compulsory. We are finding
students are not bringing their uniform to opt out of
the sport.
In the past students were given 15 mins finishing
school for one piece missing and 30 mins for two
pieces. We have done away with finishing school due
to Covid and not wanting to keep children after
school. So children who do not have their PE uniform
will be noted and a letter sent home to you to support
with the reminding.
If it becomes more than just forgetting we will need
to put in place consequences - which will be children
sitting on the reflection wall. Please support your
child in having their PE uniform. It is so nice to see the
house colours it brightens the day.


Kia Kaha,

Suzanne Mariassoucé, Principal

Whats happening at school?


Kia Ora Whanau,

Last Tuesday, House Captains and Class Councillors
got to participate in National Young Leaders Day. This
day started off with a live video coming all the way
from Hamilton, we had four speakers telling us what
leaders are and how to become one.
The speakers were Riley Hathaway, William Pike,
Okirana Tilaia and Stan Walker.
We got to listen to Stan Walker giving a brief rundown
on how he got where he is and what he had to go
through just to achieve it. Our young leaders have
learned how to be
brave and try your
best, even with all
the obstacles coming
their way. On behalf
of our school leaders
we would like to
thank the event
organisers and all
the teachers who
helped us get in.


Last Wednesday Room 11 was learning about climate
change and did a fun science experiment to do with
it. The experiment was to examine what happens to
ice in fresh and saltwater, the results were amazing.
From that experiment we found out when ice melts
on the ocean it makes our earth warmer.

Then our teacher
Mrs McCloskey
taught us what
carbon dioxide
(co2) is doing to
our oceans' sea
life. We figured
out that sadly,
CO2 is killing our sea creatures and we were not happy.

07 886 7687

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Thanks for your support!
Terri Wilson & Michelle Felton


One of our students, Lily Mead, volunteered at Love Soup and helped prepare 140 meals and 140 desserts for the community. Well done Lily for taking responsibility, being a great role model and contributing positively to our community.


Here's a little glimpse of what Room 8 is doing in
We have been learning how to make faces in google
drawings, with only shapes.

It was a challenge
finding the right shapes
to try make it look more
human like. It took us
11⁄2 sessions until we got
our final copies, and it
turned out to look like a
decent looking person
or a monster. Tech has

helped us learn how to use computers and the internet, and also with art.

In arts we have been
learning how to draw cool
and trendy patterns. We
took time into perfecting our
drawings and have learned
how to shade, sketch and
even draw perfect lines.
Art has helped us use visual
learning in our books and at


We hope you're staying safe during Covid and have
been keeping your distances.
Kia Kaha - Jeriah Winikerei, Chloe Abbott, Josh Barrett