Tokoroa Intermediate School Newsletter

8 December 2020

Term 4 - No. 9

Dear Parents / Caregivers,

This is our final newsletter, and I would like to thank
all our parents for their ongoing support for the
school and their children. 2020 has certainly been an
interesting and challenging year.

I would like to inform our school community we
have enrolled in the Ka Ora, Ka Ako programme which
provides free lunches for all the students at our
school. This project is a bonus for all our students and
their families. Our students don't always eat enough
food to keep them growing and dealing with
changes. This is a great opportunity for equity in

2021 we will continue with composite classes. We welcomed our new Year 6's in and they have met with
their teachers for 2021.


We are getting ready to farewell half our school roll
as our Year 8’s move on to high school. This year’s
group of Year 8’s has been an outstanding cohort and
we will be sad to see them go. We wish all our Year
8 students the very best for their future. To our Year
7 students - be safe and have a wonderful holiday and
we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

The school year will start on Wednesday, 3rd
February 2021 at 8.50 am for Year 8 students and on
Thursday, 4th February at 11 am for Year 7 students.

I wish you all a safe and restful holiday and a Merry


Suzanne Mariassoucé, Principal


Uniform items can be ordered online at:
We do have a sample rack at the office, so students
can try on before you buy.

There will be a uniform popup shop in our school hall on Thursday, 28th January 2021 from 1.30 to 4.30 pm in the school hall.

Please contact us at the office if you have any queries
regarding uniform or you need help with the
purchasing process.

There will be a changeover period for our current
Year 7 students; they can wear their old uniform in


We are having our School Social on 9th December in
the school hall from 6.30 to 8.30 pm. Admission fee is
$5.00. At the end of the Social students are only
allowed to leave with a designated caregiver.


The last board meeting for the year will be held on
Wednesday, 9th December at 5.30 pm in the


Congratulations to the following students who
gained a TIS Badge as part of the T.I.S. Awards
system for displaying Teamwork, Involvement
and/or Standards in a wide range of activities and
settings throughout the school:

Bronze Award:
Room 2: Sophie Degan
Room 3: Dayton Hughes
Room 4: Jyaedius Samual, Paetyn Winikerei,

                Phoenix Harrison
Room 8: Manaia Kaye
Room 19: Jarreau Eiao-Moana, Ashton Guitry

Silver Award:
Room 3: Thian Cody-Pio, Kassandra Maber, Corado
Room 4: Saffron Petero
Room 7: Mahia Wikohika, Ashanti Rollo
Room 8: Alex Marriage, Jordyn Shaw
Room 17: Lissi Sauermann, Briar Paulussen
Room 19: Torotoro Wharekawa-Tangimama

Gold Award:
Room 2: Oliver Jones, Logan True
Room 7: Kiaan Littlewood, Te Rina Vaeau
Room 8: Byron Brown-Dixon, Waylin Riki-Pahewa

07 886 7687


Our Prize Giving will be held next Wednesday, 16th
December at 9.30 am in the school hall.
Students have been told if they are getting an award,
but they do not know which award they will receive.
Students will receive their school reports
immediately after Prize Giving and school will close at
12 pm.
Photos of major prize winners will be available from
Impact Photography.


On Tuesday 5 December, a team of our best athletes
travelled to Porritt Stadium in Hamilton, to compete
in the Waikato Intermediate Athletics Competition.
Tokoroa Intermediate was placed 2nd overall.

The following athletes were placed in their events:

Flynn Osbourne - 3rd Junior Boys High Jump

Julius Ale Kaitai - 1st Junior Boys Shot Put, 1st Discus

2nd Overall Junior Boy

Tyla Wallis - 3rd Senior Girls Discus

Tara Callaghan - 3rd= Senior Girls High Jump

Leilani Cox - 1st Senior Girls Cricket Ball Throw, 2nd

Shot Put, 4th Discus & 2nd Overall Senior Girl

Ezekiel Ruaporo - 1st Senior Boys Discus

Harlem Okiakama - 2nd Senior Boys Discus

Eamon Meacheam - 3rd Senior Boys Long Jump

Dayton Hughes - 2nd Senior Boys Shot put, 2nd Long

Jump & 4th Overall Senior Boy

Jack Osborne - 1st Senior Boys 100m, 1st Senior Boys

200m, 1st Senior Boys Shot Put & 1st Overall Senior Boy

All team members are to be commended for their
sportsmanship and behaviour – they represented our
school well and benefitted from some expert
coaching from our Materials teacher Mr Olls (a
former sprinter who represented South Africa at the
World Games) and Mr Bramall. Thanks also to Mrs Liz
Puke who came and ran the Shot Put event on the
Kirsty Puke and Cameron Bramall (Teachers in Charge
of the Athletics Team)